Your technological partner

What we specialize in?

Here at Insomer, we cover the entire spectrum of services related to the design, development and implementation of any software solution based on web technology.

Customized Development

We offer customized solutions such as ERPs and CRMs in addition to tools for data mining using technologies from key industry players.

We have a team of developers who are specialized in Open Source technologies like AngularJS 2, Node.js, HTML5, PHP, CodeIgniter, JavaScript or jQuery.

Our goal is to use the most appropriate technology for each project. For us security and speed, along with making an application that is decisive, intuitive and accessible to the end user, are all

Moreover, we give great importance to not only the functionality of our applications but also to their appearance. This way we obtain aesthetically pleasing applications, which provide added value and have a very positive impact on user experience. .

Corporate Web site

We work with WordPress and Joomla, two of the Internet's most popular content managers in order to provide responsive, visual and easy-to-update web portals.

More than 60% of tweb pages built using a CMS are based on WordPress, there are more than 30,000 plugins that make it possible to expand features and 1.5 million new posts are published every day using this platform.

You can customize this solution yourself over time over time without relying on us or third parties. It is a self-managed and modern technology which allows your blog, e-commerce or event to have a presence on the Internet

UNIX & Linux

We are specialized in operating systems based on UNIX/Linux, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX and * BSD.

We manage everything from the definition of the system architecture to its commissioning, maintenance and monitoring. In order to do this we have a technical team responsible for monitoring critical infrastructures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

For this we use Icinga (where Icinga version 2), a monitoring system based on an open source code known as Nagios.

We also offer a range of services associated with systems management as well as the set-up of backup systems or security auditing , for both a systems and an organizations.

Go Live!

FWe offer you all the technical and human resources you need to stream any event live over the Internet.

Include everything from static shots to 360-degree broadcasts or aerial shots taken by drones . Increase your audience by allowing anyone to reach you, regardless of ytheir location or time zone, and let them watch your events via time shifting.

We have all the technical means and knowledge you need (gimbals, drones, cameras for still shots, cablecam) and also to the technical knowledge needed to make any live broadcast a complete success.

Tell us what you need to make your event a success and let us take care of all the technological aspects for you!

We work with people from all over the world!

From small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations wich are constantly expanding, we adapt to your budget!

The Insomer team is a dedicated and efficient team with a big heart. They answer you as soon as possible in order to make your projects a reality.

Their generosity and rhythm have been key to the communication of TEDxBarcelonaWomen.

Insomer is a young and different team that creates a loving and close relationship with its customers.

They demonstrate their commitment, professionalism, responsibility and seriousness when they have to but without losing their sense of humor, spontaneity, creativity and, above all, joy at all times even when things get difficult.

Nothing is impossible to do or create.

Insomer is a rainbow where the colors are: talent, desire, imagination, professionalism, resolution, empathy and honesty.

You are one step closer to meeting the best technological partner you could ever find.