Hello world!

How did it all begin?

A long, long time ago, the world of information technology was cold and boring. Anyone who wanted to find a professional solution had to face too many buttoned-up shirts, incredibly complicated vocabulary, over-worked machines and people with very little work or even someone's "photographer" brother-in-law who had a blog in 1997.

Then one day, a group of young people without much to lose and with big plans appeared in this inhospitable world.

They wanted to put their knowledge to good use, creating great ideas and, incidentally, inventing their own way of working based on the trust and closeness.

Nobody said it was going to be easy. In fact, everyone said it was absurd and impossible, but this group of young people still prove every day that this is not entirely true. They continue to work in what they enjoy most, falling in love with each project and learning to get better and better every day. And so, those young people were happy (and probably will eventually live happily ever after).

Advantages of working at Insomer

Flexible schedule

We decide when we get to work and when we leave or, if we prefer, we can even to work from home. We have a total control of our schedules.

Snacks and drinks

We have plenty of food and drink in the office in addition to a free coffee bar so our brains never run out of gas.

Recreation in the office

We have a PlayStation® 3, PlayStation® 4 and a basketball hoop. You can't imagine how great it feels to take a break from time to time.

20% for our own personal projects

We dedicate 20% of our time to our own projects: electronics, writing, activism, etc. Anything you could possible be interested in!

MacBook or ThinkPad

We work with MacBook and Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. You can also use your own equipment if you prefer.


After spending hours sitting at work, what better was is there to energize your body and clear your mind than going to the gym.

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